Monday, October 3, 2011

Kangaroo Care

Great News: Wyatt has gone over 24 hours without a chest tube which means I get to hold him for the first time today! I called Justin and he is going to be able to leave work to come to the hospital and participate in this milestone! Starting today Wyatt is also going to get fortified breastmilk to help him grow and gain weight.
Things to pray for: Wyatt has a cyst (pneumatocele) that is half the size of his left lung. If this were to rupture it could be very traumatic for Wyatt and would most likely take two chest tubes to resolve. Please pray that this pnuematocele will heal on it's own. The doctor is worried that Wyatt's fragile body might not recover from a pneomo this large.
Also continue to pray for Wyatt's brain bleeds. At this point they have not gotten worse and the doctor feels that Wyatt is stable enough to have a ct scan this week. The ct scan will give the neurologist a better idea of what is going on inside Wyatt's ventricles and help them determine if he needs to be transported downtown for closer monitoring.
Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

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