Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blessings of Boredom

Boredom. That's what I really hoped for my life.  Many people want adventure and drama and unprecedented excitement around every turn, but not me, I like the calm uneventful bliss of predictability. I've always said that I love my family, I've loved that my parents are still together and my grandparents are still together and my aunt and uncle are still together.  We've been fortunate as a family, we've had challenges; my mom has an autoimmune disorder that makes her life very uncomfortable and even miserable sometimes and my Dad has had to bury two brothers and a father but in my life, in my little bubble, it's been pretty calm.   These are the events that I'm talking about, I didn't want to be too interesting, to be honest I wish I didn't have this blog, because in order to be this interesting, in order to need this much support something significant had to happen.  Sure, sometimes people win the lottery or invent something grand, but often the drama is a result of something sad or cruel or some other descriptor of the utterly miserable.
I would love just to be married to my beautiful wife and be raising a soccer team full of crazy, healthy kids in my nice middle class neighborhood with my uneventful middle management job, with my great, loving family.  My concerns would be limited to what I'm gonna wear to church, how I'm gonna pay for all the kids extracurriculars and how in the heck I'm gonna squeeze in some time for me to get fit.  Unfortunately, this isn't the path for my life, but fortunately yesterday and today have been absolutely mundane.  Wyatt is stable, his bleed hasn't progressed and his chest x-rays have actually been better than at any other time in his short little life.  We still don't know what tomorrow will bring or even what 15 minutes from now could hold, but we're thankful for these moments of boredom.  We thank God and we thank all of you for your prayers.  Wyatt has a long way to go, and as you know, it is likely he's going to have some kind of delays, we can just hope that they're insignificant.   Remember to thank God for answered and unanswered prayers, you never know what it would mean to have an "exciting" life.
We love you all, and pray for you daily.


  1. So many people don't understand how wonderful boredom truly is! May you and Rachel have many more days like today. It's days like today, where resting in God's arms, and being able to just spend time reflecting on His goodness and mercy, and allowing Him to take care of everything, is truly a blessing. May you both feel His love, comfort, and peace always. We all are praying daily. Love, Janet

  2. Answered prayers! I'm so happy to hear his chest x-rays continue to improve and the bleed has not progressed. We will continue to pray for complete healing over Wyatt's little body. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Very humbling and gives perspective.

  3. Wonderful post...and so true. Praying for more days of "boredom" for you...for Wyatt's little body to be strong and for you and Rachel to be strengthened and held in our Father's arms.