Monday, September 26, 2011

19 days old

I am at the hospital today with Wyatt and he is having a good day. He had an eventful evening last night. He wiggled out his chest tube on the right so they had to replace it and then his pneumothorax came back on the left so they had to reposition that chest tube too in order to get the air out. I talked to the doctor this morning and he seemed pleased with Wyatt's progress since last week and he was more optimistic about Wyatt coming home one day. All of his organs, except his lungs, are doing well. The doctor is hearing bowel sounds and Wyatt is still having bowel movements, which means he is tolerating his feedings. He heard a heart murmur this morning which most likely means his PDA is open again. Justin can explain this much better than I can but basically a place in his heart has opened back up. This is common in premies and right now the goal is to get his lungs healed and then worry about the PDA.
I think our little Wyatt has proved that he is a fighter. I truly believe in the power of prayer and cannot thank you enough for lifting up our son and asking for him to be healed. I am sure that everyone reading this blog has their own prayer requests so I thank you again for adding Wyatt to your list!

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