Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Good Day

Justin and I are at the hospital hanging out with Wyatt for the afternoon. He is having a good day today. His oxygen levels have stayed in the 20's, they have been able to wean him a little from the nitric oxide, his chest xray was pneumothorax free, he had a bowel movement this morning and his blood gases have stayed in the normal ranges. So far he seems to be tolerating his feedings but Justin and I are still very nervous that something could go terribly wrong so we pretty much feel sick to our stomachs all day long.
Since Wyatt was doing so well, we decided it would be okay for us to go to church this morning with our moms and Ethan. It was very nice to get in the car and drive somewhere other than the hospital! Kyle's sermon really hit home with Justin and I so we know that it was in His plan for us to be there this morning. We are defiantly in a "rebuilding phase". Please continue to pray our family.

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