Monday, September 12, 2011

Cruise Control

Wyatt is currently right where we need him to be, on cruise control!  He had an assessment at 10:00 PM and everything was status quo, his blood work was good, his Sats have been good and he's currently maintaining at his weaned O2 level.  His brain US was also negative for brain bleeds, which is another hurdle down in his young life.  He's putting in a good fight and that's all I can ask.

He's going to continue to need your prayers, as are Rachel, Ethan and I, but we thank you so much for all that you've already done.

Feedings are next on the horizon and will hopefully be beginning in the next couple of days, once they've allowed him to acclimate to the new vent.  Another thing that Rachel and I are anxiously awaiting is kangaroo care.  In the next couple weeks as he gets stronger an more stable we'll get to start holding him skin to skin.  It brings me to my knees to think about Adelaide, I only got to hold her one time.  She fought long enough for us to listen to her little heart beat in a chest with a stethoscope so we could hear just how hard she fought for us.  After we had disconnected everything, she stuck around for a full hour, she was beautiful and she gave us everything.  There has been nothing in my life as painful as knowing I only will have that one opportunity to hold her, but there is nothing I'm looking forward to more than the first time I'll get to hold Wyatt.

Help us pray for his health, his growth and his strength.

The support is more than I could have ever hoped for, but I'm going to continue asking, please help has ask God for the blessing to raise Wyatt.

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