Monday, September 19, 2011

Wyatt: the strength of a warrior

One of the reasons we chose the name Wyatt is because of its meaning. I hope that our little Wyatt has the strength of a warrior because he is going to need it to make it through his stay at the NICU. So far I think its safe to say that we have a fighter on our hands. Wyatt has made it through another day and the doctor has been able to turn the pressure on his ventilator down even more since the last time I posted. His last chest xray came back pretty good, he still has some small air accumulation on left side but the right is completely cleared up. His hyperinflation is still a concern because of the pressure on his heart and because his lungs are down to his 10th rib and they want his lungs to be closer to his 8th rib. His blood gas was good as well and his oxygen levels are staying between 25 and 35. His next chest xray and blood gas are at 4am, so I will update everyone tomorrow when I get to the hospital. We are praying for another uneventful night so that Wyatt's lungs can continue to heal. We cannot thank everyone enough for praying for our family. The Lord is taking care of Wyatt and we know that his progress is a result of all the prayers lifted up on his behalf!
I wanted to let everyone know that my doctors appointment went okay. I have an infection that should clear up with a round of antibiotics. I go back in a week to make sure the infection is gone.
Thanks again,


  1. Glad to hear that there is a least some good news. Still praying for all of you.

  2. I do not know you all but my husband, Ryan, does. I just wanted to say that we are praying so very hard for your family. You are truly a remarkable, strong couple and I know that God has a purpose for all we encounter in our lives. Sometimes the beauty and strength of a child can inspire us all. Our life on this Earth is a fleeting moment in comparison to the eternity and reunion we will experience someday. I know I am inspired by this blog and we will continue to pray for you all. God bless you. Marie Slone

  3. Rachel and don't know me but I work at SECC. I have been reading your blog. We had a little girl this summer who was 5 weeks early and we spent 2 weeks in the NICU. We know only a very small fraction of what you are going through but we do have some context. We are praying daily for Wyatt and we pray every time we pass suburban (which is several times a day). Take care! - Jaclyn and Josh Miles
    His grace must be enough!