Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It was nice to hear that word come from Wyatt's nurse when describing the most recent blood gas results.  When we left Adelaide's Memorial we headed straight to the hospital, because just prior to walking in the church we heard from the nurse that his blood gases were not good.  As you can imagine the next hour was full of mixed emotions, we were hoping to get a report of continued stability for Wyatt in order to ease our minds as we went to remember sweet Addie, and instead received news that things weren't quite as peachy as they had been just a few hours ago.  When I called the NICU after leaving the service they the nurse told me that his CO2 was way to high and his pH was low, and the physician made the decision to try to extubate him and try him on a nasal canula to see if that would allow him to breath on his own and perhaps clear more CO2.

He looked great at first, but the blood gases came back showing that the pH was "okay" but that the CO2 had continued to climb.  Being a NICU parent emotionally is akin to being kicked in the manly parts one minute and then winning the lottery for an hour, and then doing it all over again.  Hearing Wyatt had a set back was the kick.  Fortunately the intubation went off without a hitch and he was showing good sats and appeared restful.  The nurse assured us that his vent settings were relatively very low and there wouldn't be a problem getting his pH and CO2 back where they wanted them, so we decided to head for home.  Our last phone call for the nurse we got the news that his pH was 7.35 and his CO2 was 39.6.  They were ecstatic with those results; those were the best results that he had had in his short little life.  That was the lottery ticket!

I have no words to express my gratitude for all of your support.  The words of encouragement have come from all directions, in all forms and from so many people most I know and some I've never met.  You're offerings of prayer have been our saving grace and the cry that has encouraged Wyatt's continued strength and it's often overwhelming.  This evening we celebrated the short life of my daughter who I love dearly and I was amazed at the people who came.  From people who've known me since before I have memories to people who I've literally known less than two months, and all of you have been so supportive.  There were family members, friends, classmates, coworkers from multiple jobs and family friends; people who live here in Louisville and people who drove hours to be here.  There is no way I can thank you, there is no way to tell you just how I feel, no way to truly impart on you just how thankful I am to everyone who has been apart of this journey. There are so many that couldn't make it tonight who've been faithfully praying and offering their support and to them I am also eternally grateful and forever indebted.  Please just know that when Rachel and I say thank you it doesn't scratch the surface how deeply we love each and every one of you.

Thank you.

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