Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wyatt Goes High Tech

I just got off the phone with the doctor and he and the dayshift doctor have decided to put Wyatt on a new cutting edge ventilator that controls more aspects of his respiratory system. I don't know very much about the ventilator yet but I will be sure to explain it better in my next post. They are also going to start Wyatt on a new steroid that will help address his blood pressure problems. The main goal right now is to reduce the hyperinflation in order to take pressure off Wyatt's heart. Hopefully this new ventilator will do the trick because the doctors are running out of options. They cannot start feeding him again until his heart starts working better so right now they are just maintaining Wyatt's body with machines and medicine. In order for Wyatt to get better he has to gain weight and grow stronger, which can only happen with breastmilk. Justin and I are going to the hospital this evening to see him and learn more about his new ventilator so we will let you know how everything goes.
Thank you for continuing to pray for Wyatt.

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