Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stressful morning

It seems that little Wyatt is going to struggle with his lungs for quite some time. According to the doctor Wyatt has developed some cysts in his lungs that are concerning and will probably give him difficulty down the road. The good news is that his other pneumothorax seems to be gone so they are going to cap his chest tube at 2am and then do an xray at 4am, so hopefully he will get his other chest tube out tomorrow.
While at the hospital this morning his co2 levels went all the way up to 98 which is really bad so the doctor decided to switch him back to the oscillating ventilator. Right before they were about to make the switch his nurse decided to clean out his tube and found a glob which was big enough to hold off the switch and allow Wyatt some extra time to get rid of his co2 on his own. They also decided to put him on his belly for a little while and when they were moving him they realized he had had a bowel movement which is a great sign that his digestive system seems to be working. Currently he is peacefully laying on his belly and awaiting another heal prick to check his co2 levels. I pray that they have come back down and that he can continue to stay on the conventional ventilator. I pray that his lungs will heal and continue to mature so that he will not have too many problems in the future.
I am so thankful that I got to see his sweet face for the first time yesterday even though it was only for short while. I now have his picture on my phone to remind me to be strong for my little Wyatt.
Thank you for all your prayers, love and support.

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