Monday, September 19, 2011

Still Stable

I'm at the hospital with Wyatt today and he is still doing good. The doctors remain cautiously optimistic. The doctor is concerned about the hyperinflation in Wyatt's lungs because his lungs are pressing on his heart. Also, the cysts or blebs are still a major concern because they could rupture at any time and then we would be looking at more chest tubes. One of his chest tubes worked it's way out today so the doctor removed it. He was very agitated yesterday so I think that might be from the tube coming out. They did a head ultrasound and that came back normal. He tolerated his feedings yesterday so they increased the amount they are giving him from 1/2 a cc to 1 cc. We are still very nervous about the feeding because as we have said before they are our next big hurdle.
Bottom line is Wyatt's lungs are in very bad shape but as long as he can tolerate the vent settings and not rupture a cyst the better chance he will have of healing. His lungs need several weeks to heal and grow new tissue. The doctors believe that feedings will help him grow stronger so he can fight his lung disease. He has another chest xray and blood gas at 2:00 so I will let you all know how that goes. I have to go to the doctor today as well because I'm having problems with my incision area. Hopefully it is nothing major because I need my body to heal so I can focus my energy on my family. Thank you for continuing to pray for our family. Love you all!

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