Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Sun Rises

There are many things in our lives that we take for granted and presume will always happen, but the truth is, there are very few things in life that are certain.   Unfortunately, this fact that is often stated in cliche form, has been made painfully real to our family.  The world keeps turning and again the sun came up this morning, and for the first time this week Rachel and I slept until we woke up on our own.  No doctor had to come wake us up in the middle of the night to deliver any difficult to devastating news.  Wyatt had his full round of medication to close the valve in his heart that was open because of his prematurity, and we received the good news that it was effective.  There is a 50% chance that it will reopen but because of how effective it was on the first round of treatment they're confident that they'll be able to get it close and stay closed if it should happen to open again.

Wyatt's other lab results continue to be great and his lungs are continuing to improve functioning and tolerate less of the supplemental oxygen and pressures that the vent provides.  The physicians have been pleased with his progress, although if you've ever experienced interaction with a Neonatologist on the clock you know that they're never "positive".  They haven't had anything negative to say so that's a good news.

Rachel gets to discharge today so we'll be going back to our house, we're actually excited to be going home.  Ethan return's this evening too and so we're going to get to spend some much needed time with him.  He's a great young man and we're so thankful to have him, more now that we fully appreciate just how precious his very life is.  We are going to be telling him about Addie tonight, but by emphasizing she's in Heaven we're pretty confident that he'll take that well, but please pray for us and him.

Thanks again to everyone!

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