Friday, September 9, 2011

51st Hour

The 51st hour has been much less encouraging for Adelaide, the Doctor has told us that she developed a bleed in her lungs.  They've begun treatment very aggressively, and for the moment she's responded but it's impossible to tell what the next few minutes will be like.  It's currently 7:45am so she's made it 53 hours and is battling for her life; today is about survival, nothing more.  You have all prayed so much for her and Wyatt, and we continue to need those, her now more than ever.  There are many complications that could occur from the treatments that they have had to give her for this bleed, but the physician basically told us that we would just cross those bridges when we get there.  We're not hoping for improvement, we're only hoping for survival of the next 24 hours.  If they can stabilize her then she has a fighting chance, and that's all we're hoping for.

To be honest, she did not look good when Rachel and I just visited and her nurse was close to tears.  We've been told that babies have survived these bleeds, but we haven't been given odds.  At this point it appears that its up to her and the big man upstairs, the nurses and docs have done all they can.  We appreciate it all your prayers and they're all we've got left so please continue.


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