Friday, September 9, 2011

95 mph

Well, I just spoke to the doc and as of this very second Adelaide is holding her own.  "Very Tenuous" was how the doc described her situation, but he did say that she is "marginally better" than she was in her 51st hour.

As for some comic relief from the stress of this morning I have a little story.  Of course when we got the news this morning I began notifying my parents and Rachel was notifying hers.  My mom had returned to Flatwoods because of the stability yesterday had brought she was hoping to get some work in.  This morning changed things and so she immediately set out on the 180 mile drive from my home to this hospital.

Speed bump number one: Her car is in the shop so she has no transportation.  Fortunately Janet Lykins, a long time friend and neighbor generously loaned out her car to my mom so she could make the frantic drive here.

Speed bump number two: As mom pulls out she phones Janet to find out how to operate cruise control in her generously loaned automobile.  In Janet's nervous and sleep deprived state she simply replies "I don't remember".  Apparently loaning the car was all Janet was going to be able to help with :)  (and we thank you!)

Speed bump number three: Just west of Frankfort mom was stopped by a police officer going nearly 100mph, which he only noticed after she zoomed past him.  As he pulled her over she got out of the car arms up in surrender, but explaining that she didn't have time for him because of the situation and her need to be in Louisville.  He was very kind and understanding and allowed her to continue and only requested that she keep it to a max of 80mph.  (The only complaint mom has of him is that he was wearing a purple tie and a purple shirt, which only occurred to her after she was back speeding, but she decided was "yucky")

Thankfully mom is here now...safely.  Adelaide continues to fight and at this point this is all we can hope for, please continue your prayers.  Wyatt is holding steady, not necessarily progressing but that's not the goal just yet; we need stability!

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