Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Friends Gift

Adelaide Taylor Roberts

There is a beauty that I've seen,
it comes from Heaven, from God, and the spaces in-between.

There is anguish and affliction I've seen and come across,
it breaks our spirits down, it burdens and exhausts.

There is no difference between destiny and pain,
both a journey across beautiful yet hostile terrain.

The mystery of why you came so early and early you had to go,
won't be answered on this earth or this life time I know.

Though my heart aches of never knowing who you'd grow to be,
the pearly gates, the streets of gold, is the gift you now see.

I can not promise no more grief, no more pain, no more tears,
but one day we shall meet again, and embrace in pure happiness and cheer.

And when they ask, did I ever know love, pure love, even for just awhile,
I shall say yes, yes I did, her name was Adelaide and I'll say it with a smile.

By Creth Boyd

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