Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wyatt James Roberts

Today we've received some cautiously good news, they've been able to ween Wyatt's oxygen percent down significantly and all of his other vitals have actually improved or at least held steady so he appears to be fighting the good fight.  Keep praying for him and the medical staff taking care of him, he's a long way from safe.

As you all know we received devastating news early this morning we lost our beautiful daughter after 74 very difficult hours of life.  I think at this point I'm writing selfishly, because I need it for my sanity.  The outpour of love and words of encouragement we've received today has been overwhelming and I cannot thank you enough.  Wyatt's still in a battle and Rachel and I are currently in a tough spot emotionally, she's tougher than I am and is handling it better, to be honest I'm a basket case.  I was the proud parent of the most beautiful little girl you've ever seen and I miss her to the point of sickness.  The only thing that has gotten me through is the support of family and friends.

Thank you for all that you're doing please continue to pray we truly appreciate everything!


  1. I wish I had words of wisdom and true comfort. But all I do have, is I love you all so much and want to kiss all your grief and pain away. If I could I would do it! Please know I'm praying, and I'm here for whatever I need to do.
    Love YOU All, Janet

  2. Sending so many prayers your way!! I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter--Adelaide was such beautiful and precious. I hope you gain some comfort from your friends and family. Thinking of you all today.

    -Becky Schneider Dern

  3. Praying for you Justin and Rachel. Please lean on the Lord..for He will never leave you. He will be your strength through all of this. We will continue to pray for you all...

    Love the Fowlers (Brent and Barb)

  4. We are praying for you Justin and Rachel. Isaiah 41:10
    Mitch and Erin Owen